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Posted by Nikita Zubarev on 28 April 2018 13:37:09

You can check the network bandwidth via iperf version 3 utility.

For linux machines, an example for Centos:

1) add a EPEL repository:
yum -y install epel-release

2) install iperf3:
yum -y install iperf3

Start testing the network bandwidth:

3) for RU:
iperf3 -c -P 1 -4

for NL:
iperf3 -c -p 5002 -P 1 -4

For Windows machines:

1) Download the iperf3 archive from the source page, select version iPerf 3.1.3

2) Arrange the contents of the folder uncompressed - iperf-3.1.3-win64 - in section C: \ Users \ Administrator (section should coincide with the start line iperf in cmd.exe command line)

3) Open a command prompt: cmd -> and run the test by typing the command below:

for RU:
iperf3 -c -P 1 -4

for NL:
iperf3 -c -p 5002 -P 1 -4

To check the internet speed on a Linux machine enter the commands listed below in the following order:

1) wget

2) chmod a + rx

3) sudo mv / usr / local / bin / speedtest-cli

4) sudo chown root: root / usr / local / bin / speedtest-cli

5) speedtest-cli

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